Wishes Delivered fulfills the dreams of children with help from UPS

Girl AviationUPS flight instructor and pilot Dave Smith and Taylor Peeff, 10. Peeff spent the day at UPS learning about what it means to be a UPS pilot. UPS made her a custom pilot’s uniform for the event. | Photo by Lisa Hornung
A 10-year-old girl got to fly a plane for the first time last week, thanks to UPS’s Wishes Delivered campaign, and she’s certain that this was her first flight of many.

Taylor Peeff is going to be a UPS pilot: She knows this, and you should, too.

Dave Smith, a UPS pilot trainer, taught her how to fly, and her mother, Cindi Peeff, sat in the back.

Dressed in her custom-made UPS pilot’s uniform, Taylor raved about how much she loved her experience. “I loved it, I loved every part of it it was fantastic!” she said.

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