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It's what we do. Your full service packaging and shipping center. The Mailbox specializes in UPS, FedEx, DHL and the United States Postal Service as well as freight services (LTL, FTL).

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If you're traveling abroad, The Mailbox Ballard is the perfect place to get your US passport photo. Photos only. The Mailbox does NOT process or provide passport documentation.


  • USPS Rates to Increase on May 31, 2015

    The 2015 Postal rate increase was postponed from January to April and then revised to May 31st.  Take heart though, no rate increase for a first class stamp.  Your Forever Stamp is still Forever.  If you are SOHO shipper please factor these increases into your shipping budget.

    First Class Package Service
    First Class Package Service will see an average increase of 5.1% in 2015. For packages that weigh 13 ounces or less, First Class Package Service remains the lowest cost option to ship a package to a U.S. address.

    Parcel Select
    Prices for Parcel Select, the U.S. Postal Service’s ground shipping product, will increase an average of 9.8% in 2015.  There are no price increases for Zones 1 to 4 for packages weighing 25 lbs. through 70 lbs.

    Media Mail
    Media Mail rates will see an average increase of 6.2% in 2015. For books, videos and other products that qualify, Media Mail remains a great low cost shipping option.

    First Class Letters & Postcards – International
    The cost to send a one ounce First Class Letter to an international destination will increase five cents. Postcard rates will increase by five cents.

    First Class Package International Service
    The overall increase for First Class Package International Service will be 7.2% in 2015.  The highest price increases by pound is between 3 and 4 lbs.

    Priority Mail International
    The overall increase for Priority Mail International will be 5.5% in 2015. Additionally, the USPS is introducing Zone-based pricing for Priority Mail International packages traveling to Canada. Canada will be split into 7 zones.

    Priority Mail Express International
    The overall increase for Priority Mail Express International will be 6.7% in 2015.

    Global Express Guaranteed
    The overall increase for Global Express Guaranteed will be 7.2% in 2015.

  • Don’t shoot the Messenger

    Effective January 2015, both UPS and FedEx are changing the way they calculate prices for their Ground service.  Prior to this change the Major Carriers have calculated their prices based on the size of the box, as well as the weight of the box based on the distance traveled or the speed of service provided.  Express has always used dimensional weight for packages due to the capacity of planes and price of jet fuel.

    UPS began their dimensional weight charge for all ground packages on December 29th.  FedEx followed suit on January 5th of this year.  This increase can be an astounding 45% increase in charges along with their 4.5% increase in regular pricing.  Neither company reduced their Fuel Surcharge even though fuel pricing is at an all time low in the last 10 years.

    So in 2015 it is critical for all shipments to be in as small a package as will safely transport your items to their destination.

    The “good” news is that The Mailbox is aware of this situation and we have been doing whatever we can to minimize the effect of this change for our customers.  We also encourage you, the consumer, to contact FedEx and/or UPS to voice your discontent with this new policy.  The policy seems to be brought about by large shippers such as Amazon/Zappos/etc. that used very large packaging for very small items as a matter of their convenience.

    The 18 years experience we bring to the shipping business allows us to:

    • Offer a choice of carriers and services
    • Stock over 80 sizes of boxes that enable us to find the perfect box for your shipment
    • We can build custom boxes as well as resize your box if it merits a downsize

    Just bring your shipment to The Mailbox and let us see what we can do to ship your items safe and secure in the most economical way possible.  Please realize that some shipments are inherently going to cost more but we have many options for sizes, weights and distances.

    We’re here to assist in any way possible.

  • Shipping Deadlines 2014 & Retailers

    santa-3-resized-600.jpgRetailers can’t seem to pin down a date to the final event of the holiday shopping season: the deadline for ordering so gifts can make it in time for Christmas.

    Many retailers have yet to finalize a cutoff date. Others are tweaking them, wary of repeating last year’s shipping snafus, when a combination of lousy weather and stronger-than-expected on-line orders inundated both retailers and shippers, preventing millions of packages from making it under the Christmas tree.

    Read the full article here

    To see The Mailbox Ballard’s recommended deadlines, read our post.


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